Is College Important?

Aug 7, 2023

The supposed purpose of college is to provide a student with a stable future and a really great outcome in life. They will be able to pursue multiple high-paying fields in the professional world and might be set for life. However, this is a myth. Almost 40% of students who enroll themselves in colleges end up dropping out before they graduate, and another 40% join a professional field that has nothing to do with their degree. Only 36% of people who attend college and graduate join a field where their degree is relevant.

Does this dismiss the existence of colleges? Does this make them a simple loop of investing money and then working minimum wage jobs to pay their debts off? Well, this is not entirely true either. Those who want to become lawyers or doctors or have a passion for such jobs must invest both their time and money into their colleges. This allows them to know the right path to their desired professions. Such jobs do require a college degree.

However, as times change, people are now more invested in owning businesses and moving towards self-employment. They wish to have freedom of time and work. They do not want to work under someone. In contrast, this does require mentorship, which may not be found in colleges. The college system helps groom a corporate mindset where a child learns the rules and regulations of following a certain stream. They wake up at a specific time, they get to class, get themselves marked present in the class, and follow orders from a person who holds their future in their hands. This is the same ideology that is followed in the corporate world as well. A salaried person is given a certain set of rules which will dictate his life for years to come.

The importance of colleges is especially highlighted in the book Screw College by Jeff Striegel. This book does not dismiss the importance of college for certain jobs but helps people realize that they do not need college to be successful in life. Especially when they do not want to pursue it. Many students enroll themselves in colleges to fulfill certain criteria of socialistic norms. This book erases that ideology and helps a person focus on developing their skills. It also highlights certain habits which are important for a person to follow in order to be successful. This book will soon be available on Amazon and up for purchase. Get your hands on a book that is real and filled with actual lessons to learn from.

At the end of the day, a person needs to know themselves enough to understand if they need the grooming of an institution and if they wish to gain such knowledge. Though colleges do help people develop a certain mindset, these extensive years of learning can be invested in perfecting a skill that may pay better than their college degree. All one needs is determination, focus, and a lot of hard work.

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