Does the System Go Against Us?

Aug 14, 2023

The system, as it exists today, can sometimes go against us and limit our choices. This is particularly evident in the grooming of educational institutions, which can heavily influence our choices and shape our futures. The most common stance that is heard in society is the fact that people who want to succeed in life must follow a specific path of education. They will first finish school and then apply for college, where they must spend the next four years, on average, dedicating their time to studying and completing assignments. The next step in this phase is to apply for corporate jobs and wait for a specific decision to be made. This first acceptance will set them up for life and will enter them into a world filled with possible success.

However, this has a little bit of truth and a lot of grooming. A person does not need four years of college and exhaustion to be successful in life. People in today’s world also have the margin to develop their skills and indulge in much better options. Screw College by Jeff Striegel is a great guide for anyone who wishes to develop their skills to the point where they will be able to earn and sustain a lifestyle for themselves. The author of this book shares his personal experience and how he made a living by utilizing the skills he has developed throughout his life. Though he never attended college and was never interested in school, his discipline regarding his work has always been remarkable. This has been a legitimate reason for his success in life. Get your hands on this book as soon as it releases and find out how to sustain a lifestyle with proper dedication and hard work.

The system still grooms the people of this world and force them to conform to a specific ideology. From a young age, students are often pushed into specific paths based on societal norms and expectations. These paths can be influenced by factors such as family pressure, cultural expectations, and limited opportunities. Moreover, educational institutions can also have an impact on the choices that students make. The curriculum and extracurricular activities offered by these institutions can heavily influence the skills and knowledge that students acquire and, ultimately, their chosen career paths.

For example, certain educational institutions may offer more opportunities and resources for students interested in certain fields, such as science or technology. This can make it more difficult for students interested in other fields to gain the same level of exposure and experience, leading them to choose careers based on the limited opportunities available to them.

In addition, factors such as tuition costs and financial aid can also limit students’ choices. Some students may be forced to choose certain educational paths based on their financial situation, rather than their interests or passions.

Overall, while individuals do have some control over their choices, the system can sometimes work against them by limiting their options and opportunities. It is important for educational institutions and society as a whole to create more equitable opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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